Winter Camping Anyone?

November 06, 2014 0 Comments

We've Got A Base Layer & Bag For You!

Winter warmth starts from the inside out. Your skin is the best breathable membrane around, but let's face it- it just doesn't cut it in the winter time. You need to wrap yourself in a base layer, something warm and wicking- that will pull the moisture away from your skin so that you don't feel wet and cold.

A few different materials are capable of doing this job effectively. There's polypropylene, a synthetic material which keeps you warm by keeping you dry. And then there's merino wool, a natural stretchy (and non-itchy) choice which draws moisture away from the skin and provides some insulation. Plus it's anti microbial properties help keep your base layers from absorbing the scent of "adventures past."

Check out our options for WOMEN and MEN. 

Sleeping out in the Cold? 

While we stress the importance of dressing appropriately for sleeping out in the fall/winter, you can't underestimate the importance of a good sleeping bag that is designed for the temperatures that you will be exposed to. We've just brought in two new lines of bags for all budgets from ALPS Mountaineering (including their Browning bags for roomier sleeping) and Rab, giving you even more options to find the bag that meets your needs at a price that makes you happy! 

Be prepared for the cold, and you can make friends with winter and enjoy the experience of having the whole park to yourself (until everyone else catches on!)

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