Q) What does online only mean?  

As our selection of inventory grew, we needed additional off-site space.  Items with this tag are typically not on display at our retail store. These items can be transferred to the store for pick up if preferred over home delivery.

Q) Who do you ship with? 

Currently, we can ship with Canada Post in Canada and International. For the United States, we use USPS. Our shipping process changes every now and then, because of different rates. We are constantly exploring different shipping options to get you the lowest price possible.

Q) Do you ship outside of Canada?

Yes, we do ship internationally. There are some exceptions, since some of our brands require that we only sell in certain regions. 

Q) I am in Mississauga or the Greater Toronto area, can I pick up? 

Yes, we do allow local pick up in Mississauga at our retail store.  There is no charge for pick up. Just choose "In-Store Pickup" as the shipping option at checkout. Please note that some bulkier or flammable items are In-Store Pickup only.  

Q) Can I see the products in person before buying?

You sure can! We stock just about every item, however we do store some of our products at Amazon. Generally, we try to keep the most popular items in-store. You can always contact us to confirm that the product you want to see is In-Store. Even if it isn't, we can generally get it here in a few business days so that you can take a look.

Q) What's with In-Store Only?

We carry a large variety of products, and not all of them are practical or safe to ship. For example, 60L canoe barrels are extremely bulky, making it impractical to ship. Camp fuel and other flammable chemicals are illegal to ship. You can still purchase these items online, but you MUST choose In-Store Pickup for the shipping method.

Q) What about Online Only?

We house the majority of our products at our retail store in Mississauga. However, we send some of the less popular items to fulfillment centers. If the item is not in the store, it is marked as "Online Only". However, you can contact us and request that the item be released from fulfillment and sent to our store so that you can see it in person. If you order such a product online on our site, the fulfillment center will ship it to you as if we did.

Q) How long does my item take to ship after I place an order?

Most items will ship out within 24-48 hours, usually next day.  If you're very tight on time, please contact us and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

 Q) Will you price match?

We will price match other regular priced Canadian competitors, as long as the exact same make, model, style, colour and size is in stock on their website. There are some exceptions, since some brands do not allow us to discount their products.

Q) Why buy on your site instead of other marketplaces?

We understand the convenience and ease of the marketplace purchasing experience. However, marketplaces have some restricting policies that don't let us serve you as well as we can on this website. For example, most marketplaces no longer allows product exchanges; you must return the item and then buy a different one, which can be tedious. Some marketplaces also forbid us from contacting customers by phone, and we also can't change the shipping address even if the customer requests it. On top of that, seller fees cut into our cost of operation, so we can't charge the best shipping rates on marketplaces. We also have a rewards program on our website, so you can work your way up to some more discounts! We also know a lot about what we sell. If you ask us a question about a product, we can get back to you with an answer and recommendations, based on testing and real experience. All of our staff are avid outdoors enthusiasts, and we know a great deal about our products. For a more tailored and friendly experience that is cheaper for the customer and seller, www.scouttech.com is the obvious choice.