ScoutTech at Rattray Marsh Cleanup

ScoutTech at Rattray Marsh Cleanup

April 09, 2016 0 Comments

This morning, Daniel, Darrell and Sinclair of ScoutTech Outfitters participated in CVC’s (Credit Valley Conservation) annual spring clean-up of the Rattray Marsh. Along with many other volunteers, we ventured off the trails in search of garbage to remove. We spent most of our time on a pileup of logs over the river, which 

collected a lot of aquatic trash. Balance was necessary to remove the endless supply of garbage, without falling in! Our best find was definitely a tire. After spending a little over one hour, almost exclusively on the dam, we came out with one and a half full-size garbage bags worth of litter.

We really are proud of the community for showing up in good numbers to protect this amazing wetland. Despite the cold (-15C with the windchill!), and threat of wet feet, we saw upwards of one-hundred people, and more coming in even as we were leaving. The Rattray marsh is the exclusive home of many different flora and fauna, and it acts as a filter for Lake Ontario, as long as we keep it clean. The marsh is a great hiking spot, well maintained by the Credit Valley Conservation authority. There are boardwalks through the forest, great lookout points, and a nice rocky shoreline on Lake Ontario. A big thanks to everyone who came out to protect this gem in Clarkson, Mississauga!

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