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ScoutTech is HIRING!

We are looking for a new family member to fill in some evening and weekend hours.If you are into the outdoors and travel, and are looking for a part time/full time job, LOOK NO FURTHER!


Top 10 Reasons why YOU should work at ScoutTech

10. It’s a locally owned business that gives back to the community, so you can feel good about your employer.

9. You get to work with other adventurous fun loving people on a small yet diverse team.

8. You get to represent some of the top brands in outdoor and travel gear.

7. You get to meet and talk to a lot of different people who have interesting stories about their travels and adventures.

6. Your work day is varied and never quite the same- no sitting down at a desk for long stretches over here.

5. The store is easily accessible by GO train and Mississauga Transit, and we have a secure place to lock your bike.

4. You get to see and weigh in on what’s new in camping and travel technologies before it’s available

3. Our schedules are flexible- we can be very accommodating if you need to change up your hours a bit.

2. NO UNIFORM- no silly visors or vests over here.We dress casually and comfortably.

1. Product Testing- Your opinion counts!Our customers trust our recommendations and it’s important to us that you build a familiarity with our inventory. Nothing speaks louder than personal experience.

Please submit your resume along with a statement of why we should choose you to:


ATTN: Darrell

Or come by the store and meet us in person! 

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