SABRE Dog Spray Compact Size Maximum Strength with Key Ring



Sabre Dog & Coyote Attack Deterrent is very handy to deter dogs and coyotes from humans. It is useful when walking, jogging, biking or while enjoying the great outdoors.
  • Safe - humane, effective and all-natural pepper spray for use against attacking dogs
  • Reliable - maximum strength heat allowed by the epa/health canada - every time
  • Protection at a safe distance - up to 3 meters away with 5 one-second bursts
  • Ready at a moment’s notice thanks to convenient key ring
  • A net weight of 22 grams
  • 50% Capsaicin and roughly 44% is related capsaicinoids


Category: Atack Deterrent, Coyote Deterrent, Dog Coyote Deterrent, Dog Deterrent, Sabre Deterrent

Type: Unknown Type