Exped Chair Kit M - For Exped Mattresses - Camping and hiking comfort



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Protective cover that converts an Exped mat into a chair or comfort lounger. Lightweight, durable, and affordable.

**This listing is for the chair kit only, The mattress is NOT included**

  • Once your mat is in the Chair Kit you can switch from chair to sleeping mat without standing up.
  • Poles and straps can be removed to save weight when only used as a protective cover for your mat.
  • Couple multiple mats using the side buckles.

    Weight: 585 g/20.6 oz

    Packed: 55 x 10 cm / 22 x 4“

Chair Kit M fits to DownMat 7 M, DownMat 9 M, DownMat XP 9 M, DownMat UL 7 M, DownMat UL 9 M, DownMat Lite 5 M, SynMat 7 M, SynMat UL 7 M, SynMat Lite 5 M, SynMat Basic 7.5 M, Synmat Basic UL 7.5 M, SynMat Lite UL 5 M, AirMat Lite 5 M, AirMat Basic 7.5 M, AirMat Basic UL 7.5 M, AirMat, Lite Plus 5 M, AirMat Lite UL 5 M, SIM Lite 2.5 M, SIM 3.8 M, SIM Lite 3.8 M, SIM Lite UL 3.8 M, SIM Lite UL 5 M, SIM Comfort 5 M.

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