Wolf & Grizzly Fire Starting Multi-Tool

Wolf & Grizzly


Made from 100% ferrocerium, this nested ferro rod delivers consistent sparks from the first use to the last.


  • Weight: 65 g (2.23 oz)
  • Lifespan: Approximately 20,000 strikes
  • Spark Temperature: Up to 5400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The rod is made from 100% ferrocerium, one of the most efficient and sustainable fire-starting materials out there.
  • The striker is made from premium knife-grade steel.
  • The custom paracord is made from durable nylon and houses a string of dried jute tinder within it.
  • The ferro-rod's large surface area creates the perfect strike-zone for powerful sparks with every strike.
  • Get consistent sparks, no harsh chemicals required
  • Compatible fuels: Spark fiber, birch bark, cotton balls
  • Fire Set is designed to last 20,000 strikes, making it more sustainable and longer lasting than any match box or lighter.
  • Fire Set strikes at all altitudes, and even in wet conditions. It consistently generates sparks of 5400°F degrees, making sure you can reliably light a fire every time.

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