Sea to Summit X Pot 1.4L

Sea to Summit


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The Backpacker magazine Editors' Choice award was bestowed upon the Sea to Summit X-Pot in 2015 for its innovation, space-saving capability and functionality features. The real beauty of X-Cookware is its ability to collapse and nest neatly with other pieces in the series into a small disc that can easily slide into a backpack, canoe bag or camping box.



  • BPA free, heat resistant silicone – built to EU food-grade standards
  • Hard anodized 6063-T6 aluminum base conducts heat really well for outdoor gourmet cooking
  • Durable translucent strainer lid
  • Stainless steel ring embedded in the rim provides stability

  • Specifications:

    Best Use
    Liquid Capacity (L)
    1.4 liters
    Liquid Capacity (fl. oz.)
    47.3 fluid ounces
    7.25 x 2.5 inches
    Cookware Material
    Silicone / Aluminum
    Nonstick Surface
    1.4L pot with lid
    10.5 ounces

    X-Pot FAQ's:

    • Be used with a two-burner camp stove? Yes. The key is to keep the flame pattern of the burner inside the ring printed on the base of the pot (and keep the heat lower – the bases conduct heat really well).

    • Be used with an induction stove? No. The X-Pot alloy base is not magnetic, so induction stoves won’t work. Caution is needed with high output radiant home/van stoves – the X-Pot can quickly boil dry if not watched.

    • Be used on Domestic Stoves? Domestic stoves have a much higher output than backpacking stoves. If X-Cookware is used with a home stove, the flame setting should be kept low, and care should be taken to ensure that the pot does not boil dry.

    • Be washed in a dishwasher? No. The caustic cleanser will damage the anodization. 

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