Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink 20L

Sea to Summit


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  • Works for more than just washing dishes: use your Kitchen Sink for a freshen-up wash at the end of a backpacking/camping day or fill it with ice cubes to keep drinks cold
  • Helps support Leave No Trace Principles or using water at least 300 feet from a water source (such as a lake or stream)
  • Available in an Ultra-Sil Version for gram counting backpackers
  • Stainless steel stiffening ring that prevents the sink from collapsing when full
  • The base is broader than the top so it won't tip over
  • Fine to use with hot water (up to 140°F / 60°C) and detergent
  • Fully taped seams
  • Wide webbing carry handles
  • Comes with a zippered storage pouch with drain hole
  • Please note: bleach (even in mild concentrations) will damage the polyurethane coating and Nylon fabric and should not be used


  • Work when it is less than full? Not really. It needs to be at least four-fifths full of water to stand up by itself.

  • Be repaired easily? Yes. The fabric is strong for its weight – but if a pinhole puncture occurs, it can be repaired with just a blob of Gear Aid Seam Grip + WP.

  • Be used with boiling water? No. Water hotter than 60°C / 140°F may well damage the seam tape.

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