Sabre Dog Attack Deterrent with protective case and key ring



If approached by an aggressive dog, you want to feel confident knowing you can help stop an attack without leaving any lasting harm. SABRE dog sprays are proven effective and certified by Health Canada, so you can walk confidently knowing your dog spray is dependable and humane. 

Here are some of the reasons SABRE is the #1 brand trusted by police and consumers worldwide: 

  • Safe: Humane, effective, and all-natural pepper spray for use against attacking dogs
  • Reliable: Maximum strength heat allowed by the PMRA—guaranteed via our in-house lab
  • Protection at a safe distance: 12 to 15 feet (4 to 4.5 m) and includes 14 to 18 one-second bursts


  • Fires approximately 25-1 second bursts at 3 meters (10 feet)
  • Canister Dimensions: Height: 4.125" (10.48 cm) Width: 0.875" (2.2 cm)
  • .50% capsaicin (pepper)
  • Firing Mechanism: Twist Lock
  • 22 gram pink canister

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