North Water Tribag - Set of Three

North Water


Organize every cubic inch of your barrel. The TriBag is designed for 2 sets of 3 bags stacked will fit perfectly into the ubiquitous 60 L Blue Barrel. Alternatively, you can use one set in tandem with our Lg Barrel Cooler and Barrel Accessory Roll. 

  • Triangular shape optimizes voids created by round bags.
  • Coloured handles and clear label pocket for easy identification.

Not just for canoe tripping, the unique triangular design is the perfect shape for touring and sea kayaks.


  • 420D Pack Cloth Bag
  • Zippered Closure

TriBag - Set of 3 40CO-87

TriBag - Single 40CO-87a

 Dimensions: 10"H x 12"W x 8"D
 Approximate Volume: 10 L
 Barrel Size: 60 L

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