GSI 30oz. Javapress - Graphite



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The 30 fl. oz. JavaPress brings the ease and familiarity of your home French Press wherever your adventures may take you. Be the hero of your camp when you whip up several instant cups of morning bliss with this portable wonder. Lightweight, BPA-Free, and shatter-resistant, it goes anywhere.

• Silicone ringed plunger design virtually eliminates “blow-by for the most flavorful, mud-free coffee or tea..
• Double walled insulated lid holds in heat while brewing or serving.
• Ballistic cloth with high R-value foam insulated cozy and collapsible tarpaulin handle for easy use and compact travel.
• BPA Free Carafe is lightweight and shatter resistant allowing you to enjoy French Pressed beverages anywhere.
• Major dimension: 30 fl. oz.
• Weight: 10.3 oz.
• Dimensions: 4.50'' x 4.20'' x 7.70''
• Material: Copolyester
• Includes: 30 fl. oz. Carafe w/Lid, Insulating Sleeve

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