Fixnzip Nickel Zipper Slider Repair and Replace Kits



FixnZip isn't your average zipper repair kit. It's a replacement nickel zipper slider that you can install without tools or sewing!


For small zipper repairs, the small nickel zipper slider is exactly what you need to keep your clothes looking as good as new. To replace and fix the zippers on your pants, skirts, fine garments, cushions, and clutch handbags, one of our small nickel zippers will ensure a proper repair-no matter the damage.

Fits Zipper Sizes: 1-4

Examples: Pants, Skirts, Fine Garments, Cushions, Clutch Handbags


* 1 Small FixnZip Slider
* 1 Ring Pull Tab
* 1 Clip on Pull Tab


The medium-sized nickel zippers will perfectly replace the zippers on your jackets, sleeping bags, tents, purses, and duffel bags. Never throw away an item because the zipper is broken again.

Fits Zipper Sizes: 5-7

Examples: Jackets, Sleeping Bags, Tents, Purses, Duffel Bags


* 1 Medium FixnZip slider
* 1 Ring Pull Tab
* 1 Zipper Tab Replacement Cord


Keep your wetsuits, boat covers, canvas tents, and heavy-duty clothing zippers in perfect working condition with FixnZip's large nickel zipper sliders. Use the large zipper repair kit to keep everything working smoothly when you're out on your next adventure. The large zipper pull works particularly well as a Jeep window zipper repair kit-make sure you keep it on hand for any potential emergencies.

Fits Zipper Sizes: 8-10

Examples: Wetsuits, Boat Covers, Canvas Tents & Large Family Tents, Heavy Duty Clothing, Jeep Windows


* 1 Large FixnZip Slider
* 1 Ring Pull Tab
* 1 Zipper Tab Replacement Cord

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