Devold Men's Expedition Merino 235 Bottoms



Devold Expedition is an underwear garment designed with dual layers for extreme weather conditions. Proven on several polar expeditions. The inner layer is made of 100 % Merino wool, while the outer layer is 90 % Aquaduct treated Merino wool, combined with 10 % polyamide to improve durability. Devold® Expedition insulates extremely well and has a unique ability to transport moisture. The Aquaduct Merino wool is specifically designed to move moisture away from the skin side of the fabric to the outer surface where it evaporates.


  • Wide and comfortable elasticated waist.
  • Flat seams for optimal comfort.
  • Double cuffs for extra shape stability.
  • Long johns comes with fly for men.
  • The Aquaduct treatment gives the garments superior wicking properties.
  • Total Easy Care Merino wool: machine wash and tumble dry.


  • Weight: 235 g m/2
  • Inside Material: 100% wool (Merino)
  • Outside material: 90% wool (Merino), 10% Polyamide
  • Fiber: Outside: 20,5 micron, Inside: Fine wool - 18,7 micron

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