Copper 88 Womens Compression Shorts Size Small

Copper 88


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Copper88 line of performance compression garments are extremely comfortable to wear, supporting your muscles and joints to help improve blood circulation during exercise, daily activities and while you rest. Copper 88 products have been designed for anyone who values an active lifestyle seeking to attain peak physical performance and aid with faster recovery time. 


  • Supports your muscles and joints aiding in faster recovery time. COMPOSITION:88% Copper Nylon / 12% Spandex

  • Helps improve blood circulation, Super-fast wicking keeps you and the garments dry

  • Comfortably worn during exercise, daily activities and rest

  • Antibacterial and anti-odour properties will keep you feeling and smelling fresh

  • Copper88™ fabric attributes are inherent in all our garments and will last for as long as you own our products 

The Story:

Copper88™ is the offers 88% embedded copper in its composition. Unlike others ‘infused’ products whose properties dissipate with each wash, the Copper 88 durable garments contain 88% embedded copper fibers. This allows the copper properties to remain in the garment after countless washes, providing antibacterial, anti-odour, UV protection and super-fast wicking qualities that literally last a lifetime. 

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