Care Plus Bell-Shaped Lightweight 1-2 Person Permethrin Treated Mosquito Net

Care Plus


Mosquito nets keep mosquitoes, insects and other pests at a distance, so you can enjoy a good night's sleep. A mosquito net must meet several conditions in order to provide proper protection from (malaria) mosquitoes; a mosquito net only offers additional protection if the net is closed all the way around, if it is made of durable polyester and if the mesh is not larger than 1.75 mm. An impregnated net provides extra safety.


* Mesh size: 156
* Dimensions packaging (l x w x h in mm): 80 x 210 x 330
* Dimensions net (Ø x h in cm): 270 x 225
* Weight (g): 485 (lightweight)
* Made of durable polyester fibre
* Includes attachment kit


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