Darrell's Barrels Lightweight 60L Canoe Barrels

Darrell's Barrels


All of the great features of the regular Darrell's at 30% less the weight of your average canoe barrel and is suitable for any of your portage or storage needs.

Just as versatile as the standard canoe tripping barrels and scored the same as its heavier counter parts in overall crush (sitting on empty barrels while on their side) and waterproof submersion testing so you can sacrifice a few pounds without losing any waterproofing and animal protection. 

Keep all of your food and gear protected from the elements, animals or just about anything else life throws your way.

It features side mounted carry handles and the lid is secured by a galvanized clamp/band with a gasket in the rim that ensures an airtight, watertight, odor-proof seal.  

Pair with your favourite barrel harness and portage in comfort!

Recommend uses:  

Water/liquid, food and dry storage, paintball, canoe tripping and boating and more.

*If you are transporting delicate gear on an adventure where it the barrel may be crushed against rocks in a whitewater environment we recommend our standard barrels.  The lightweight barrels offer great protection against all elements however some extra protection against dings is always best for your filming gear!


  • 16 gallon (60 L) capacity with 17 gallon (63 L) overload capacity
  • Fits standard 60L canoe barrel harnesses
  • Blue high-density polyethylene (HDPE) is durable and lightweight
  • Cover with metal lever-lock style ring closure
  • Two external side handles
  • Food Grade
  • Dimensions: Height / Length / Width: 24.5x16x16 in (62x40x40 cm)
  • Weight: 6 lbs (2.8 Kg)

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