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If your kids love the outdoors but often find themselves caught in the rain, get them the Packup kids trousers to keep the rain at bay so they can carry on enjoying themselves. These lightweight trousers come packed in a small pouch and can be pulled out and slipped on in moments. Waterproof up to 3,000mm and breathable to 3,000mvp, the trousers are windproof and have taped seams.

Fitted with three pocket openings that allow access to trousers beneath, the waist is elasticated to give a secure fit that allows easy movement. Available in black or navy, these simple over-trousers are perfect for regular outdoor use and can be packed away neatly when not needed.


- Unisex
- 3 Pocket Openings (No Pocket Bags)
- Full Elasticated Waist
- Trouser Packs into Pouch

Fabric composition:

- 100% Polyester PU Coated


- Trex-tex: If you imagine a single column of water, held back by a piece of our Tres-Tex® fabric, you can start to understand how our waterproof fabric works. The waterproof reading on your jacket or trousers, is the height in millimetres that this column of water would reach, before starting to seep through and compromise the fabric. For example, 5000mm is infact 5 meters of water held back by the fabric.

- Colohert: Lightweight, durable and soft lofted fibres trap and hold the heat generated by your body, giving you maximum freedom of movement and keeping you perfectly warm and comfortable. Coldheat technology ensures that you can stay comfortable, even in the most arctic of conditions. 

- Packway: Be prepared without sacrificing weight and space in your pack. Packaway garments are lightweight, adjustable and less bulky yet still retain their performance levels.


Category: Rain Gear, Trespass, Youth, Youth/Rain Gear

Type: Youth/Rain Gear

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