MSR Whisperlite Expedition Service Kit



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Includes all the necessary components to replace worn or damaged WhisperLite™, WhisperLite Universal, or WhisperLite International stoves and pump parts. Comes with instructions and durable carrying case.

  • Jet and cable tool.
  • O-rings and sizing chart – to let you know which one goes where.
  • Priming wick.
  • Pump cup oil.
  • Safety pin.
  • Pump seal.
  • Air tube.
  • Fuel tube bushing.
  • Check valve plug.
  • Pump cup.
  • Shaker needle (with cover).
  • Check valve ball.
  • Check valve spring.
  • WhisperLite G jet (no mark).
  • WhisperLite International G jet.
  • WhisperLite International K jet.
  • Jet cleaning wire.
  • Check valve assembly.
  • Fuel tube and filter.

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