MSR Rendezvous Sun Shield 200 Wing



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Updated with a UPF of 50+, the Rendezvous Sun Shield provides excellent sun, wind and rain protection at campsites and gathering areas. Available in two sizes, this uniquely designed, extremely stable shelter lets you set up a protected communal area at camp. The 120 version creates a 120-square-foot open area around campsites that offers protection from sun, rain, and wind for 1-4 people, and at 1.43 kg (3 lb 3 oz), it’s light enough for one person to pack and carry, even into the backcountry. With its more expansive 200-square-foot wingspan, the larger size is the ideal upgrade to your basecamping experience and perfect for sheltering up to a dozen people.


Category: MSR, Shelter, Shelter/Tarps, Tarps

Type: Shelter/Tarps

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