Recreational Barrel Works Minimalist Barrel Harness - Fits 30 & 60L Barrels

Recreational Barrel Works


The Minimalist Barrel Harness fits a 60L or 30L barrel 360 degrees in webbing and is designed to make it easier carrying the barrel and to secure the barrel during transportation or to hang in a tree. The Minimalist harness has multiple spots to tie a rope or connect a webbing strap. The Minimalist Barrel Harness does not have shoulder straps.


  •  Fits a 60L or 30L barrel
  •  4 accessible grab loops make it easy to handle.
  •  Two horizontal webbing straps - one at top and bottom, plus four vertical webbing straps
  •  A strap over the top of the barrel with a quick release buckle
  •  A strap under the bottom of the barrel
  •  Top and bottom straps are extra long to enable a tethered hold if this barrel is slung on top of another pack or barrel across a portage.
  •  Comes in a re-usable stuff sack

Who is this for?
  •  Canoeists or boaters who don't need to portage, but want an easier way to move the barrel to/from their watercraft and around the campsite as well hang in trees or tie down to trees/rocks.
  •  Canoeists who want to carry a barrel sideways on top of a barrel in harness or on top of a canoe pack.
  •  Rafters who want to tie the barrel into their raft.


  •  Volume: Fits 30L and 60L barrels
  •  Material: 1 inch nylon webbing
  •  Weight: 300 g / 10.6 oz
  •  Colour: Black

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