Recreational Barrel Works Barrel Kitchen Organizer, Small

Recreational Barrel Works


The Recreational Barrel Works Barrel Kitchen Organizer/Utensil Roll  keeps your meal utensils, ingredients and tools in easy access zippered  pockets attached to your barrel. It simply clips to the side of your barrel or you can hang it on a line at camp. It can quickly be un-clipped and rolled up for storage.


  • Comes with quick attach hardware to mount to the outside of your barrel
  • Daisy chain webbing can be used to hang the Kitchen Organizer from a line
  • Also great for organizing toiletries or food items
  • Contains three easy access zippered pockets
  • 1 long/wide pocket for your longer utensils, including your favorite wooden spoon


  • Material: Washable 200 Denier pack cloth and Tough mesh
  • Unrolled Hight: 32 cm (13 inches)
  • Unrolled width: 30 cm (12 inches)
  • Weight:   275 g / 9.7 oz
  • Pleated pockets:  2 – plus large mesh pocket
  • Colour: Red

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